In Defense of Grammar Police

TMP Communications

I’m not the type of Internet user to nitpick grammar errors (unless the error is a misuse of “your” – I can’t let that stand). I highlight glaring errors and let the others pass for the most part. Nonetheless, these meticulous grammar patrolmen and patrolwomen do exist. While some people condemn and berate the online grammar enforcers for being overly critical, I choose to applaud them. Nobody enjoys being caught in the act of committing grammar crimes, and some people do not care enough to rectify their mistakes. However, for those of us who do value the constant improving of our writing skills, there is real value that comes from those punctilious police.

I’d rather be corrected than continue making the same mistakes. 

Remember that time you went an entire evening with a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth? Do you recall that class in which nobody bothered to…

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